Adv. Prof. Avraham (Avi) Weinroth

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Founding partner of Prof. Avi Weinroth and Co. Law Firm.
Prof. Weinroth has been practicing since 1989, and earned his doctorate in law in 1994.
He specializes in civil and commercial litigation, banking laws, commercial transactions, and real estate. He represents government organizations and key market companies, and also deals in matters of Jewish law and philosophy.
Representation of Public Entities
• Legal counsel to Magen David Adom
• Former legal counsel to Amidar
• Representation of government-owned companies such as the National Roads Company and Bezeq International
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ADV. Arik Megidish

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Adv. Arik Megidish is a graduate of Bar-Ilan University, LL.B.Adv. Megidish was hired during his law study by Dr. J Weinroth & CO. law office in legal research, Adv. Megidish completed his internship at Dr. Avi Weinroth & CO. law office and handled a large variation of legal work and gained a lot of practical legal experience.

Adv. Megidish is an assistant research and teaching at the law faculty and the business administration faculty at the Peres academic center. Adv. Megidish specializes in complex litigation proceedings, including, class actions and derivative, commercial disputes, in the representation of directors and company executives and in the representation of Plaintiffs / defendants in complex and high profile civil disputes.

Member of the Israel Bar Association since 2016.





ADV. Adi Masuri-Hot

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Adi Masuri-Hot is a graduate of The College of Management, Academic Studies, LL.B. L.L.B with honors & a certified mediator. During her studies Adi participated in a course on competition law and antitrust law, which was held in England in collaboration with Queen Mary's College and Pembroke College; Was a teaching assistant of Professor Suzie Navot course "Constitutional Law"; Took part in the workshop judgment "practice" for a year in which the office accompanied Magistrate Court judge; Was a member of mock trial held before the Honorable Supreme Court President Ret. Dorit Beinisch, Prof. Mordechai Kremnitzer and Prof. Aviad Hacohen. Adi finished her internship at Zeev Scharf & Co., Advocates, in ​​commercial litigation.

Member of the Israeli Bar Association in Israel since May 2016.


ADV. Reut Alankri


Adv. Alankri is a graduate of Bar-Ilan University, L.L.B in Law and B.A in Political Science with honors.  Adv. Alankri was also in the  Dean's list in 2015.

Adv. Reut Alankri finished her internship at Gornitzky & Co law firm and specialized in litigation and commercial law. As well as in communication and media from regulatory and commercial aspects.Adv. Alankri has been a research assistance to Prof. Michal Alberstein on the subject of Formalism at Law, and has won the Dean's Competition for Outstanding Works. During her studies Adv Alankri volunteered in a various legal projects, such as the Israeli Bar Association's project - "Schar Mitzva", which supplies legal advice to the underprivileged; She was also elected as a member of the Student Law Council and served as the Team Leader at the "Omek Center for Legislation" and led a team of students to formulate recommendations and bills for members of the Knesset.

During her studies and after, Adv. Alankri served as a Teaching Assistant to Dr. Hadas Aharoni-Barak in "Corporate Law" course and as a Teaching Assistant to Dr. Bilha Kahana in "Tort law in the family aspects" course.

Member of the Israeli Bar of Association since 2017.


ADV. Ester Weinroth-Fogler

Adv. Esti Weinroth-Fogler is a graduate of the Ono Academic College. During her law studies she was hired by Dr. Jacob Weinroth & Co. law office.

Adv. Esti Weinroth-Fogler started her internship at Segal-Cohen & Co. and completed her internship at Prof. Avi Weinroth &Co law office.

Adv. Esti Weinroth-Fogler has specialized in several large-scale real estate projects and has gained extensive experience in real estate, urban renewal and real estate taxation issues.

Member of the Israel Bar Association since 2018.