Class Action Suits

Attorneys at Prof. Avi Weinroth and Co. have accumulated vast experience in the field of class action suits, with the advantage of having represented plaintiffs as well as defendants in a variety of large suits:

Representation of Defendants:
Bezeq International; Dubek; David Intercontinental Hotel; Bar Kol chain, Adanim Bank, PWC ; Kost Forer, and a variety of various manufacturing companies in suits deriving from the anti-trust laws;

Representation of Plaintiffs:
Prof. Avi Weinroth and Co. represented plaintiffs in class action suits against the international pharmaceutical company Merck for the use of Vyoxx; in a suit against the First International Bank of Israel; in a suit against Liemann Schliessel based on the Consumer Protection Act; against illegal commissions charged by various banks in Israel; against the ILA, and many more in various areas.

Corporate Law, Capital Markets and Corporate Financing / Restructuring

Attorneys at our firm have tried major lawsuits in the fields of corporate laws and have handled debt restructuring, including:
• Representation of shareholders at Carmel Carpets in a suit for 1 billion NIS filed by the liquidators;
• Representation of Mrs. Lea Gottlieb, founder of Gottex, vs. Africa Israel;
• Representation of investors in restructuring of debt at Aora Investments;
• Representation of shareholders in dissolution of HILAT Communications (015);
• Representation of shareholders in "Cochav Hashomron";
• Representation of investors in acquisition of Rubanenko Construction from liquidator;
• Representation of the operator of Belech Hospital vs. liquidators of Bikkur Holim Hospital;
• Representation of Hilat and Shoham funds vs. Gaon Investment House;
• Representation of diamond manufacturers, including Eurostar and Mr. Vigi Mehta;
• Representation of Mr. Eli Reifman's debtors;
• Representation of Shmuel Leviov with respect to his responsibility for the collapse of Forex;
• Representation of Shtilim Rakim association in the acquisition of Lev Hinuch Association within liquidation proceedings
Prof. Avi Weinroth also served as liquidator for Tavlin and Itzhar, and as liquidator for Deck Tech, managing proceedings based on articles 373 and 374 of the Corporate Law, subject to which the shareholders were liable for the companies' debts.


Our firm has litigated dozens of proceedings including the representation of a foreign bank (Nuverse Advisors Llc) vis a vis Bank Hapoalim, and representation of Dr. Maimon vis a vis Bank Hamizrahi, in a procedure in which Prof. Avi Weinroth interrogated five witnesses simultaneously. This ended in a decree of arbitration handed by the arbitrator (currently a High Court judge) Dr. Yoram Danziger, according to which not only was the bank's suit and its bankruptcy demand against Dr. Maimon was denied, the bank was obligated to pay the client millions of NIS. Following this proceeding, Prof. Weinroth wrote his article: "The Bank's Obligation to its Clients when Markets Collapse".

Family Law, Inheritances and Wills

Prof. Avi Weinroth served as executor for:
• The late Reuven (Rubi) Shapira;
• The estate of Asher Eshel;
• The Abulafia family;
• Management of lawsuit against the estate of Sami Shimon
• The Keizman-Ginzburg family

Complex Arbitration and Annulment of Arbitration Awards

• Annulment of the arbitrary award in the matter of Organic Pesticides vs. Tel Aviv Municipality
• Annulment of the arbitrary award regarding sale of real estate on 6 Wissozky St. Tel Aviv
• Arbitration between Dubek and its distributors
• Arbitration with regard to acquisition of "Beth Tovey Hair" in Jerusalem
• Arbitration proceedings in Israel, Rumania, and Marshall Islands on behalf of Turkish investors
• Arbitration vis a vis Rothschild Bank and Rothschild Real Estate Fund
• Arbitration of complex issues on behalf of Novartis

High Court and Administrative Appeals

• Representation of Magen David Adom in dozens of administrative and High Court Appeals
• Gordo vs. Minister of Interior and Municipality of Kefar Saba – renewal of lease contracts at Kefar Saba industrial area
• Representation of residents in proceedings for closing of Zeitim St. In Givat Shemuel
• Representation of residents with regard to religious services in Kefar Vradim and Ramat Efal
• Representation of Proportzia vs. the Minister of Health – with regard to advertisement of doctors and medical services;
• Achievement of precedent with regard to prejudice of local municipality in publication in local newspaper


• Representation of Magen David Adom in dozens of tenders and appeals on tenders;
• Representation of water meter companies in many administrative procedures;
• Representation of tender winner for Kol Hai radio in procedures;
• Sephardic Radio – Kol berama
• Sun Valley vs. Ministry of Housing – resulting in winning of tender despite faults in bank guarantees
• ILA:
     o Flint (Miller Orchard) – claim for renewal of lease despite change in plot allocation;
     o Poraz – criteria for land allocation
     o Lawsuit filed by "Krayot Maor Haim"
     o Merkazey Shlita in its lawsuit against the ILA with respect to allocation in Emmanuel
     o Assel – Massive class action suit against the ILA

Civil Claims

Our firm has litigated hundreds of claims, including many defamation cases.

• Representation of Sadash Gas Company in large claim against Delek;
• Representation of many lawyers, accountants, and other professionals in dissolution of partnerships;
• Representation in Labor Court including on behalf of senior executives, e.g. Dror Nagel vs. the Israel Phoenix;


• Representation of "Mig" Newspaper and Mr. Oleg Rabinowitz in complex trademarks case;
• Representation of many importers on parallel import and trademarks issues;
• Annulment of indictment of client who allegedly infringed a trademark;
• Registration and representation vis a vis registrar with regard to trademarks rulings

Dissolution of Real Estate Partnerships

We are currently participating in the procedure of dissolution of a partnership spanning hundreds of residential units in Ariel.

Construction Flaw Claims

• Representation for several years in complex claim regarding the Ziso residential compound in Petach Tikva
• Representation of Traffitech vs. Danya Cybus regarding road 431
• Representation of Opera on the Sea – a luxury seaside project in Netanya vs. Danya Cybus
• Representation of Residents at Migdal Neve Zedek in Tel Aviv

Contractor Claims

• Wide-scale representation of Ortham Sahar Malibu
• Representation of Rubin Landsman Engineering, where we won compensation for unexecuted project
• Representation of entrepreneurs vs. contractor in large project for Baalaz Hassidic Community in Jerusalem

Tax Related Claims (income tax, property tax, VAT, customs and purchase tax)

• Kiryat Bet Hakerem
• Yoram Ingbir
• Carmel Mosaic –Purchase tax
• Dubek, in various proceedings vis a vis tax authorities
• Dan recycling vs. Customs, regarding refund of taxes paid
• Importers of alcoholic beverages vis a vis customs and purchase tax authorities
• Litigation in property tax cases along with Meir Mizrachi and Co. Law firm

Anti-Trust Law

• Representation of Dubek in complex procedure vis a vis the Anti-Trust Authority with regard to establishment of distribution array;
• Representation of Mr. Itzhak Aloni on charges of flooring cartel

Common Law Court

• Representation of Palace in various proceedings in Common Law Court with regard to its contracts

Accompaniment of Entrepreneurs in High Yield Real Estate Projects

• Representation of Palace America Assisted Living – in establishment of luxury assisted living on Weizmann St. in Tel Aviv;
• Representation of the Ofer Brothers and Aaron Frenkel in wide scope transaction of high yield properties in Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan;
• Change of allocation of hundreds of acres of property in Rishon Lezion;
• Acquisition of control in Hilton Warsaw project and Beeri Towers in Tel Aviv from D-Rom;
• Sale of Nahariya Mall to British Israel;
• Representation in project spanning hundreds of residential units in Givat Shaoul, Jerusalem;
• Tender for hundreds of residential units in Bet Shemesh;
• Hundreds of residential units in Ganey Hadar Petach Tikva;
• Representation of investors in purchase of property in Germany;
• Representation in tender for purchase of apartments in Neve Yaacov Jerusalem;
• Representation of acquisition group in project on Yehuda Halevi St. Tel Aviv;
• Representation of acquisition group in project on Mesilat Haolim St. Tel Aviv;
• Representation of investors in purchase of nursing home in Bnei Brak
• Representation of entrepreneurs in Tama 38 project on Sirkin St. Givatayim;
• Representation of investors in purchase of large scale project in Sanhedriya neighborhood, Jerusalem;
• Representation of contractors in purchase proceedings for Schneller Compound Jerusalem

Representation in Commercial Transactions

Our firm has represented clients in dozens of large-scale commercial transactions, including:
• Representation of the Federman family in acquisition of control of Elite by Strauss;
• Representation of the Granovsky group in proceedings for acquisition of public companies;
• Representation of importers for establishment of international distribution of Trump products

Tax, International Tax, Trustee and Tax Authority Settlements

In collaboration with Adv. Meir Nussbaum, our firm represents many clients in settlements vis a vis the tax authorities with regard to international bank accounts.